Bread Roll

bread roll

Bread roll recipe step by step – Crispy and tasty bread rolls have mashed potatoes mixed with cilantro, peas and some tangy spices. One can have bread roll in the breakfast or evening accompanied with a cup hot tea, that would be the perfect combo. 

Ingredients for bread roll: Boiled potatoes, cilantro, peas, onion, bread slices, mango powder, salt,turmeric powder,  water and oil.

Preparing bread roll: Take boiled potatoes, mash them along with peas,cilantro. Heat a pan, put some oil in it.Fry the mixture on medium heat. Sprinkle salt, mango powder, garam masala, turmeric powder.After few minutes, take them off the flame. Furthermore take bread slices, cut their edges. Soak them in water.Squeeze out the water from bread slices completely.

Now place the tomato filling inside these bread slices. Cover them properly or else they will loose the filling while frying. Now put a pan on flame, pour oil in it. Deep fry the bread rolls. Take them out once they turn golden. Serve them with green chutney or tomato sauce.

Keep in mind : Squeeze out the water from bread slices properly. Or else they will fall off.

Take bigger bread slices.It makes the procedure easy.

It is recommended to consume it hot or else it will become soggy.

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