Egg Curry

Egg curry made using eggs dipped in gravy made from different spices. Eggs are the most versatile  and healthy food option. They can be put to use in numerous ways.

Ingredients: Eggs, tomatoes,onion,green chilies,salt,butter,oil,ginger garlic paste,garam masala.

Preparation Methodology: Take raw eggs.Put them in a pan half filled with water. Now put it on heat, let it boil properly.Take the eggs out. Clear the shell.

In another pan, pour some oil and put it on flame.Grind the tomatoes and onion.Make puree out of it. Once it gets finely chopped, transfer it to the hot pan. Keep stirring till it becomes golden. Add ginger garlic paste , salt, garam masala. Now take the boiled eggs.Put small holes in it using fork. Place them in the pan with puree and other spices. Give it boil and egg curry is ready to be eaten.

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egg curry

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