Spicy Bread Omelette

Bread omelette- Easy , quick and healthy to make breakfast recipe made with bread and eggs. It is one of the food item that can be made from tons of variation.

Ingredients: Eggs, bread slices , cheese, oil, butter, salt, turmeric, sandwich masala/ chaat masala, chopped onions and capsicum, coriander leaves or cilantro leaves ( whichever is available).

Method: Heat up the pan, add oil to it.

Combine broken eggs, salt , turmeric, sandwich masala/ chaat masala , chopped vegetables together.

Beat the eggs until it becomes frothy.Add butter to it.

Now pour the beaten eggs into the pan, let it cook until the base firms up. Flip to the other side and let it cook as well.

Add grated cheese to it .

Remove the omelette.

Now put bread slices in the same pan. Put omelette over it. Add cheese on top.

Serve it hot.




bread omelette

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