Besan dhokla is another yummy as well as healthy treat.Healthy dhoklas are made using besan. 

Ingredients: Gram flour(besan), salt ,sugar,citric acid, baking soda, turmeric, oil, mustard seeds, red chillies,curry leave.

Method to prepare: Add together gram flour, salt, sugar, citric acid, turmeric. Make a soft dough from it by adding water into it with medium consistency.

Now in a glass add water and and baking soda together.Pour this into the dhokla mixture properly.

Grease a tin with few drops of oil and pour the dhokla mixture into the pan.

Steam it for 20-25 mins.

In another pan pour oil, mustard seed, curry leaves, red chilies. Let it splutter.

Pour this over dhokla.

Dhokla is ready to be eaten. 

Cut it into pieces and serve hot.

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