Chicken Kathi Roll

Chicken kathi roll is prepared using wheat flour chapattis rolled in spicy and tender chicken and vegetables. Served with mint chutney and mayo.


Ingredients for kathi roll: Wheat flour mixed with little amount of all purpose flour, egg white, chopped coriander, oil , sliced onion and pepper.


For the filling: Chicken(as per requirement),  ginger garlic paste, chopped onion and capsicum, cheese, chopped tomatoes, salt and chillies. 

Chicken Kathi roll

How to prepare: 

 Mix egg white with coriander. Pour oil in a hot pan, dip each chapatti in egg white mixture and put it  in the pan.Fry till it changes colour. 

In another pan pour oil, let it heat up.Add chopped onion , capsicum, green chillies and a pinch of turmeric.Now add chicken, sliced onion and pepper to it.Let it cook for a while. Shred the chicken for a while.Add little bit coriander to it.Now take this mixture, put it inside the chapattis, roll them properly.Chicken tikka is ready to be eaten.Serve it with chutney  and some mayo.


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