Chole Kulche

How can I not write about chole kulche! Chole kulche is one of the most popular street food in north India.

Ingredients: Green peas, salt, chopped tomato, onion, green chilies,  lemon juice,mango powder, soda powder and water.

 Preparation:  Soak the chole(green peas) in water overnight. Rinse the water next morning.

Take dry peas, add water , salt,  soda powder, turmeric put all of them in cooker. Let it cook until a boil. Keep an eye on it. Now take out the chole(green peas). Rinse the water out of it. Add chopped onion , tomato, green chillies, coriander leaves.Sprinkle salt, chaat masala and lemon.Mix well. Chole are ready to be eaten with kulcha. 

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chole kulche

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